Hi there, we are Calendar42!

At Calendar42 we design & build technology with people at heart, powering solutions that solve complex planning & mobility problems in today’s on demand economy. From helping people to ride Toogethr to work to making appointments with claim adjusters after a break-in, to re-thinking the way packages are delivered to your door. 

We take our role in the background, enabling our B2B clients to embrace this on-demand economy by utilising the C42 Planning & Mobility platform.


Join us at our inspiring office at the nicest canal in Delft, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Netherlands. 

Here is why we like working at Calendar42

  • We have an impact. From enabling businesses to serve new markets to simply making people’s jobs a bit easier, this is really rewarding.
  • Being part of a great group of helpful, team-oriented people who are passionate about their jobs.
  • Lots of challenges and opportunities to learn and grow! Personal growth is incorporated in the way we work and supported by a personal budget.
  • We sit down to have lunch together. Might sound small, but we all value the time to catch up and share stories.
  • We get paid.

Where we come from

Calendar42 was founded by Michel Boerrigter and Jasper Hartong as a spin-off from TU Delft in 2011. Today the technology start-up employs 14 employees. The company is active in various business markets including construction, temporary staffing industry, health care, public transportation, events and festivals industry, government, insurance and financial services.

Calendar42’s vision to eliminate the need for planning also formed the basis for its acquisition of carpooling service Toogethr in early 2015 and also for its initiative, in 2014, to establish Plannerstack, the non-profit opening up travel information.

We are...

  • an award-winning company that designs and builds the next generation of interactive planning solutions;
  • creators of state-of-the-art solutions based on real-time data from public transport, personal whereabouts and more.
  • an energetic multi-cultural bunch of people with backgrounds ranging from industrial and media design, to web & application development and engineering;
  • And we love to break the rules, and are passionate about designing and building outstanding interactions that enrich people's lives.


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Our dev environment


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Check out our top notch team!

Jasper Hartong

Founder / CTO

Michel Boerrigter

Founder / CEO

Ferdinand Burgersdijk

Master of SaaS / Driving force

Tony Lemmers

Financial advisor

Dennis Koks

Senior User experience designer

Bob Karreman

Senior Back end developer

David Lijnse

Product owner

Gerard Petersen


Kelly Turenhout


Ella Bartledan

Office medewerker

Mehmet Ali Izci

Front end developer

Ambar Das

Quality assurance

Edmon Marine

Senior Front end developer

Jesse Harting


Efraïm Vink

Growth Hacker / marketeer

Judith Bos


Cochise Ruhulessin

Senior Back end developer

Shea Meyers

Back end developer

Maarten Lodewijk

UX designer

Our moral compass

At Calendar42 we have our core principles, a set of values we believe are important for all of our decisions.

We are human
We are moral human beings. We care, we listen, we are honest, we stay personal and we respect each other.

We respect privacy
A calendar is private property. Users should always be in control of their own data, and should have access to information about how their data is used.

We are open
We believe that sharing accelerates innovation. We use open technologies and open data to create value and translucency, this is one of our ways to give back.

We believe in social self-regulation
We believe in the self-regulating ability of a group. We (almost) never impose our opinions. We design & build tools for people and companies to express, communicate and plan the way they want to, but within our frame of vision.

We strive for relevance
Relevance is defined from the perspective of the user. It can only be achieved through being dynamic & content driven. We poses the power of data, and we see it as our responsibility to add value by offering the right information at the right time.

We are lean
We start small, test, adapt, scale up fast and deliver.

We are always on the move
Both personally and business wise. We keep developing, trying out new technologies, exploring opportunities and optimising the way we work.


What is your recruitment procedure?

We typically take the following steps:

  1. We screen all applications and might request some additional information, for example some examples of your best work or anything that provides additional context to your CV.
  2. If you pass our initial screening we will invite you for a first meeting in which you will sit down with our hiring manager for the job at hand. This meeting will ~1 hour and can be done over Skype.
  3. In most cases we would like to see how you manage and handle typical C42 problems. Therefore we will create a "homework" assignment, that shouldn't take more then 1-2 hours to finish.
  4. After passing the previous steps we will schedule a contract meeting to discuss the terms and to wrap up the stipulations, if successful this is followed with a team lunch to get to know the rest of the team & vice versa.

Are there any perquisites included?

  1. We normally start with a 1 year contract including a one month trial period.
  2. All our contracts come with a standard travel expenses coverage, a yearly personal development fee and an optional laptop agreement based on the "necessity criteria", market-based wages & loads of fun.
  3. Your second contract will also enable you to become an actual part & co-owner of C42 by participating in our certificates plan. 

What is your on-boarding procedure?
We welcome you on your first day & make sure your work place is set up. After this you will partner with one of us and we make sure that the first days are spend on getting you up to speed to become part of the team. 

Next to this we schedule a trial period meeting, and assuming you will pass the trial period semi annual personal development and annual evaluation meetings.

Can you give me an idea of your standard method of working?
This of course depends on your job, but every (customer) journey needs a great story. A story we can divide into chapters, that become more and more exciting after every page in the book. How we manage this?

  1. We start our three week sprint cycles with a kick-off event;
  2. We keep each other posted with a daily stand up meeting; and
  3. We finish our sprints with a delivery and a well earned diner.

To help us control our future developments and ensuring our continuous evolvement, we have epic sessions in which we share our adventures.

How have you arranged the rules of the game of working as a team?
We have setup a social contract, they are a result of how we believe teamwork thrives best and basically boils down to:

  • Think first. Come with solutions, not with problems.
  • Do what you tell people you will do.
  • Keep track of yourself.
  • We can handle a lot of bad news, but we hate surprises.

On top of this, we as a team act based on these guidelines:

  • Trust > control: no politics, no fear
  • Community > structure: we don’t tell you in detail what & how, but feel free to ask for help
  • Agile > scrum: rules are good, break when needed
  • Quality > time: changing the world doesn’t happen overnight

Enough about us, what about you?