Front End Developer

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Front End Developer

Help us make lives easier by addressing the world’s most challenging

planning and mobility topics.


We’re looking for a bright and motivated Senior Front End Developer to augment our strong development team, who is capable of perfecting our systems and can help take Calendar42 to the next level.

We – a bunch of crazy people at Calendar42 - believe that the business of the future is all about connecting people and resources on demand by offering real-time planning and mobility services. So, the past few years we have developed our – as we like to call it - magical algorithm platform. Open data, transparency and real time are the key drivers here. We are a team with people from all over the world that works on a joint mission: make life easier! So companies will become more successful and employees happier.

Our services are offered via high performance micro-services, Docker based, architecture. Monitored by real-time monitoring systems and logged in flexible processing engines. We work with state of the art technology and our challenging projects have great impact on society.

Experience & Technical Knowledge

  • Education and/or relevant experience in the field;
  • Excellent and proven experience with JavaScript (MVC structure, State-Charts);
  • Experience in native development for mobile devices (iOS, Android);
  • Experience with CSS3 (Transitions, Box-Sizing, Gradients, LESS);
  • Experience with fluid/responsive design.

Skills & Competencies

  • Self-starter, capable of guiding a team;
  • A problem solver by nature;
  • High achiever and driven to succeed;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English (the universal language of C42 is English).

Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated.